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Silicone pastry and baking mats, perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Measurements and heating instruction are printed directly on the mats for convenience.

Who Are They For? 
Our silicone pastry and baking mats are perfect for beginning and practiced bakers.

Why Are They Special? 
Zensation Baking Mats are non-stick and non-slip, which means they're ideal for kneading and rolling dough or baking without oil or cooking spray.

The mats are food-grade, BPA-free, and oven safe up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each set includes an extra-large 18" x 26" mat and a small 12" x 16" mat.

Available in Colors:

  • Candy Red
  • Aqua Blue
  • Apple Green
  • Pink
  • Lavender


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