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Raw materials: 100% natural, high-quality green tea and dried flowers (picked during the spring and summer seasons)
String: 100% handmade, food grade raw white cotton thread without fluorescent material. 
We mix the tea leaves and dried flowers together and mold them into a candy shape. We then soften the tea leaves, compress, and dry them.

Each reusable glass jar contains 10 unit, why 10? In Asia the 10 number represent unity, circle of life. 

Tea Appearance:
The tea strips are red and brown, and the flowers are very brightly colored. The tea's aroma is pure and fragrant. The taste is fragrant and contains floral notes.

Storage of product:
The product is suitable for long-term storage within clean, ventilated, dry, and odorless storage conditions.

Health benefits:
Pu-erh tea has many health benefits! It may prevent cardiovascular diseases, lower blood sugar, and prevent dental issues. Moreover, studies have found that the microflora contained in Pu-erh tea can promote the human digestive system.

Benefits of...
Orange peel: Rich in vitamin C, carotene, protein, and other nutrients
Rose: Soothes the liver, strengthens the spleen and stomach
Osmanthus flower: Removes toxins from the body
Chrysanthemum: Improves eyesight

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