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Are you ready for the ultimate zen moment? While your Blooming Tea steeps, the tea buds will neatly unfold to blossom into a beautiful flower shape.

This beautiful tea tastes great, look great, and makes you feel great!

Each reusable glass jar contains 10 unit, why 10? In Asia the 10 number represent unity, circle of life. 

Tea Appearance:
The tea's aroma is fresh and fragrant. The taste is fragrant and contains floral notes.


Brewing method:

Brew the tea with 176°F- 175°F water for 3 minutes. During the brewing process, the tea buds will neatly unfold to blossom into a beautiful flower shape. The cotton thread will not fall off.

There are many health benefits associated with green tea! Green tea may...
1. Improve your overall health as it contains various bioactive compounds
2. Improve brain function
3. Increase fat burning and improve your overall physical performance
4. Lower your risk of various types of cancer with its antioxidants
5. Kill bacteria, which improves your dental health
6. Lower your risk of Type II Diabetes
8. Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease

Benefits of...
Jasmine Flower: relaxing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
Lily flower: good for sleeping, resolving phlegm, and relieving cough
Rose: Soothes the liver, strengthens the spleen and stomach
Gomphrena globosa Flower: Relieves stress, improves eyesight
Calendula: Relieves anxiety, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, promotes blood circulation


Raw materials: 100% natural, high-quality green tea and dried flowers (picked during the spring and summer seasons)
String: 100% handmade, food grade raw white cotton thread without fluorescent material. 
We use the cotton thread to tie the green tea and dried flowers together, then wrap the materials in a ball. After the ball is shaped and dried, it becomes the beautiful blooming tea product.

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