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How It All Started 

Our beautiful story begins in Florida, U.S.A, where we are based and continue to grow in Virgina.

 Mei Mee , a mother of two and lover of tea, was working a stressful job in corporate America. 

The Finance industry took its toll, and Mei Mee was struggling to find the energy for the countless meetings and late nights that she was working. 

As Mei Mee explored her way through various energy boosters, she was introduced to herbal teas, which she found simultaneously relaxed and energized her for work.

 Experiencing this unfamiliar feeling of Zen, she was inspired to cultivate a way of helping more Americans improve their health, feel energized, and enjoy tea. 

The Challenges 

As a frequent tea drinker, Mei Mee now found that steeping a tea bag and disposing of it, or using a diffuser with loose tea leaves was both inefficient and messy. 

There had to be a better way! 

Mei Mee’s passion inspired her to help design her first product, The Luxury Zensation Tea Canister, where luxury-grade herbal tea bags are integrated in to a cup, so that you have an efficient and mess-free cup of tea. 

Launching in December 2020, the business is growing tremendously thanks to high product quality, attention to detail and wonderful customer care.

And The Story Continues

 Since developing her first popular product, Mei Mee has brought more products to market that will make life easier and add a little Zen to her customer’s lives.